Need a short-term lease? We can help!

Need a short-term lease? We can help!

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Need a short-term lease? We can help!

Look, we know the sorry state that is factory order vehicle lead times. Judging by the market, this is not likely to improve anytime soon. With some manufactures quoting up to 6 months! To combat this, we can now offer short-term lease options for both personal and business customers. Introducing LeasePlan Flexible!

For Personal customers click this link and apply the promo code to receive a £50 discount

For Business customers call 0800 525 209 for more information!

Welcome to LeasePlan Flexible

An inclusive rental package* where you select the car, mileage, and rental term that you need and hire it from as short as 1 month up to 2 years. Just add insurance!

  • No Joining Fee
  • UK delivery and collection
  • No deposit
  • Maintenance and breakdown cover

*Excludes consumables such as fuel, AdBlue, washer fluid, oil (unscheduled refills), charges for speeding, tolls and parking. Delivery and Collection will also be charged

How does LeasePlan Flexible work?

If you are a personal customer – click this link and follow this step by step process. It’s simpler than you think!

For Business customers – please call 0800 525 209 and speak to one of our advisors for more information.

  1. Choose your vehicle

Take a look at your options, compare models and select the vehicle that best suits your needs or budget.

You’ll also have to tell us how far you expect to drive each month (this is called your ‘mileage allowance’) and how long you want the vehicle for. This will determine the monthly price that you pay.

  1. Give us your details

We’ll ask for some information about you, so we can see if you have any endorsements on your driving licence, verify your identity and carry out a credit check. We will also check that you can afford the monthly payments, as we are required to do this by the Financial Conduct Authority to protect your best interests.

The person applying for an account must be the same person driving our vehicle.

  1. Sign the contract

Once we have completed our checks and your account application has been approved, we will ask you to sign our contract, show us your fully comprehensive insurance policy and pay the first monthly rental plus a one off delivery and collection charge.

  1. Delivery Arranged

We can now arrange delivery of your vehicle to your registered home address. You will need to be there when the car arrives so we can make sure you are happy with the vehicle and ask you to sign for the mileage and vehicle condition. If you’d like help with anything more specific, such as pairing your phone, please ask the driver or let us know in advance, so we can email the information to you.

Still have questions? – click this link for an FAQ

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