Our Top 3 Electric Cars for Less than £250 per month

Our Top 3 Electric Cars for Less than £250 per month

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Our Top 3 Electric Cars for Less than £250 per month

As more and more full electric vehicles (EV’s) begin to populate the streets of the UK, it is evident electric motoring is here to stay! Battery technology is improving day by day, and so too their prices. Cast your mind back a decade ago, when EV’s were too expensive and the performance stats were not up to par. Nowadays, over 250,000 full electric vehicles are on UK roads. The numbers do not lie. EV’s are becoming increasingly more affordable. Today we have gathered a small list of fully electric cars for less than £250 per month!

Nissan Leaf Electric 40kWh 110KW Auto – Stock available!

£215.59 including VAT p/m – PCH – 9+47 – Initial Rental £1940.31 inc vat – 8000 Miles per year

The second generation Nissan Leaf

The original Leaf was the marmite of the electric car world. Launched back in 2010, the first-generation Leaf shifted 283,000 units world-wide. Truth be told we were not the biggest fans of the original Leaf. But we love the newest generation. To start, Nissan redesigned the styling of the vehicle. The original looked like a bug having a bad day, the latest Leaf actually looks like a car you’d want to drive. Nissan has also sorted out the pitiful range the first had, 60-80 Miles has now been improved to over 200 miles. Technology has developed drastically since 2010, for example the Leaf MK2 now comes equipped with an ‘e-Pedal’. Simply put, the e-Pedal allows you to accelerate, decelerate and even stop the car using just the accelerator pedal. Electric stuff!

SEAT Mii Hatch Electric 36.8kWh 61KW Auto – Stock available!

£152.40 including vat p/m – PCH – 9+47 – Initial Rental £1371.60 inc vat – 5000 Miles per year

The small but effective SEAT Mii

Performance-wise the SEAT Mii is not going to set the world on fire, but it isn’t supposed to. The small city car from SEAT is just that, a city car. When it comes to range, the Mii is not designed to do long jaunts up and down the country, but its perfect for urban driving. The WLTP tests state the Mii will get up to 160miles of range, which truth be told isn’t half bad. SEAT have used the same platform the Volkswagen e-up! and the Skoda CITIGOe iV use. To be honest, there is not much to separate the 3 as they are all much of a likeness. However, both the VW and Skoda have never been this cheap to lease before – so on that basis alone we’d go for the Mii.

Volkswagen ID.3 Electric Hatch Pure Performance Life 45kWh 110KW Auto

£222.00 including vat p/m – PCH – 9+35 – Initial Rental £1998.00 inc vat – 5000 Miles per year

The ID.3 will change the way you think about Volkswagen. And, the brand hopes, it’ll change the way you think about affordable electric cars. This contender is priced, shaped and designed right for the heart of the family segment of the growing EV sector and, unlike previous battery-powered Volkswagens, it’s completely new from the ground up. It’s small enough for the city and big enough for the family. Plus, it’s as affordable as a comparable petrol or diesel model and clever enough to make a conventional family hatchback seem hopelessly outdated. The future’s arrived.

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