Customer Helplines COVID-19

Customer Helplines COVID-19

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Customer Helplines

Firstly, from all of us at Applied Leasing we hope you and your family members are safe and are in good health. These are trying times globally. Following the Boris Johnson’s recent campaign in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic, now the Prime Minster has ruled in a lockdown, we would like to reassure you that Applied Leasing Ltd will be available for business as usual. However, please bear with us as levels of communication will be dependent on staff availability and health.

To all of our customers, again we would like to reassure you measures have been put in place to allow remote access, to safeguard customer data in accordance with GDPR and ICO guidelines. This being said, communication may still not be on par to our usual standard. We kindly ask that any urgent requirements are sent directly to our Managing Director, Lucy Joyce, via email: [email protected] .

Payment queries and concerns

For existing/new customers who may have concerns about payments arrangements and would like to discuss their options available please contact the following:

Alphabet 0370 505 0100
Fleet Alliance 0345 601 8407
Arval 01793 887 000
ALD 01179 086 546
Black Horse 0344 824 8888
Hitachi 0343 351 9078 Option 8, Option 1
MBFS 0370 847 0700
RCI 0330 331 0227
Santander 0871 522 5858 Option 3
VWFS 0370 010 2022
Audi Finance 0370 010 2077
Leasys 03445 614 611 Option 2
Network / Leaseplan 0344 493 5812 Option 6 for customer services


We have published a FAQ about the ongoing crisis; if you would like to read more information, please click here

To go to our main website – click here

Hopefully we will start to see some light at the end of this dark tunnel. I think it goes without saying the planet is craving some normality right now. From all the Team at Applied Leasing Ltd we wish you all good health and stay safe!

Thank you for reading.