Audi E-Tron GT – Audi ‘Charges’ Ahead!

Audi E-Tron GT – Audi ‘Charges’ Ahead!

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Audi E-Tron GT – Audi ‘Charges’ Ahead!

The Tesla Model S is up against some serious competition. Within recent years alternative full electric high-end saloons have begun popping up. Late 2019 saw the introduction of the Porsche Taycan, which at the time, and still is a very compelling substitute to the Tesla Model S. Fast forward to 2021, the big boys of the motor industry have come out to play. Last week we talked about the recently announced Mercedes EQS. This week we are going to look at the Audi E-Tron GT Saloon.

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Quick Specs

  • WLTP Tested Range – Up to 298 Miles
  • Twin electric motors, four-wheeled drive
  • RS e-tron 0-60mph – 3.3seconds (with overboost engaged)
  • Base Quattro 0-60mph – 4.1 Seconds (With overboost engaged)
  • Top Speed: 152mph
  • Battery: 93kWh lithium-ion
  • Price range: £80,850 – £133,000
  • Available to order now!

Performance and Range

In the same vein as the Tesla Model S, the Audi e-tron GT is a luxury saloon battery electric vehicle (BEV). Fierce acceleration and around 300miles of range positions it nicely within the competition. The entry model normally has 470bhp, but when you engage ‘overboost’ for 2.5 seconds the power is amped to 523bhp which will zip the car from 0-60mph in 4.1seconds.

The RS model is cruises round normally with 590bhp, but once overboost is engaged it takes it up to 637bhp for just 2.5seconds. However, this is enough to propel the car from standstill to 62mph in 3.3seconds. Wow!

Audi e-tron GT comes equipped with the same battery as its sister, the Porsche Taycan. A 93kWh battery that Audi states will do up to 298miles.

You can swap between Efficiency, Comfort, Dynamic and Individual modes to alter the throttle map, dampers, ESC responses and so on. In Comfort it rides extremely well on just about any UK road. In Dynamic it feels sharper, crisper, a touch less smooth in its ride, but still fundamentally refined. It glides when you want it to but also fires itself at the horizon if you fancy a bit of that, too, with a lot of flexibility in between.


If you think you will miss the sound of the traditional engine purr you find in a combustion powered car, fear not! Audi offer an optional sound package that through the power of digital magic amplifies engine and exhaust noises. This sound is not just for the cabin, the outside world will also be subject to the digital rumbles.

The inside, now this is important, feels like an Audi. Just that this one runs from the mains. The cabin has been designed with familiarity in mind. Screens do not dominate the interior, and it does not feel like your driving a spaceship. It feels like your driving an Audi.

The standard model comes packed with tech, driver assist systems, heads-up display, B&O Sound system, keyless entry etc.

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