A Sneak Peek at the Electric Mercedes EQS

A Sneak Peek at the Electric Mercedes EQS

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Upcoming – A Sneak Peek at the Electric Mercedes EQS

New details have dropped from Mercedes regarding the new EQS Saloon. They have also released images revealing the vehicles cabin before its full announcement on April 15th. The Mercedes EQS is an all-electric luxury saloon that is set to be a direct competitor to the Porsche Taycan, Audi etron GT and Tesla Model S.

Quick Spec Overview

  • 90/108kWh Battery options – With the latter estimated to have a 478 mile Electric range
  • 2 and 4 wheel drive models available
  • Potential AMG version
  • 523hp Electric Motors
  • Hyperscreen Dashboard
  • Estimated prices start at £80,000
  • Sales begin August 2021

Mercedes EQS Battery and performance options and specs

Base entry level models will come with a single electric motor that produces 568NM torque and 333hp. This power is directed to the rear wheels. Higher end cars will get four-wheel drive dual motor drivetrain that cranks out 855Nm of torque and produce a very healthy 523hp. You will also get a choice of a 90kWh or 108kWh battery.

Acceleration on the two-wheel drive model with the larger battery will get 0-62mph in 6.3seconds. Whereas the four-wheel drive will do the same sprint in 4.3seconds.

The EQS will be compatible with the 200kW public fast chargers. In just 15 minutes these will pump enough charge to do another 186 miles. Speaking of range, if you’re after sheer range the ideal model would be the single-motor EQS with the lager 108kWh – Mercedes claim this will get up to 478 Miles.

Interior Cabin ft Hyperscreen

The Hyperscreen makes its appearance in the EQS. This will be an additional cost option, with the standard option being like the current S-Class interior.

However, you may want to invest the extra cash. Just look at it. Infotainment heaven. The images show a massive touchscreen system in the centre and an addition screen for the front-seat passenger. Mercedes have programmed the system to learn how you use the hyperscreen and will give you on-screen prompts to help you find specific features faster.
Your ears will be in for a treat too as there is a 15-speaker Burmester surround-sound audio setup. The option of a few steering wheel designs and wrap-around ambient lighting. There will also be the option of infotainment displays for back-seat passengers attached to the front-seat headrests to let you control the car’s stereo, adjust the climate control and access sat-nav data. Very fancy indeed!

Keep your eyes out for this one!

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