We have Moved! And Upcoming VED Changes

We have Moved! And Upcoming VED Changes

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We have Moved! And Upcoming VED Changes

Like the title suggests, we have moved offices over the course of the past month or so. 2021 so far has been shroud in uncertainty. However, with Boris’ announced roadmap, finally a small spec of light is at the end of the tunnel. We thought, there is no better way to turn over a new leaf than to move to a new workspace. Paintbrushes, ladders, and the trolleys have all been broken out in celebration as we migrated to our new home.

Fear not, we have not moved far! We have not even moved building; in fact, we’ve only moved 2 floors down. The old office was just a tad large for the crew that inhabited it. This new, cosier office suits our needs down to a tee! With it being only 2 floors down and the majority of working staff working from home, disruption has been kept to a minimum. As we progress through the roadmap, we will look to gradually get more of the team settled into their new surroundings. The website has been updated to reflect the address changes.

We’ve moved offices – from 4.07 to 2.08!

VED Changes

That time of year again is fast approaching. This upcoming April will see the new VED changes come into place. The 2021 budget has recently been released by the government and with-it Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is increasing. VED is more commonly known as road tax, typically rises year on year to encourage the purchase of lower emission vehicles.

The amount of tax you will pay depends on the emission of your vehicle, with Zero emission vehicles such as Full electric and Hydrogen fuel cell still being exempt from VED.

See below for a full 2021 VED breakdown:

CO2 emissions
First-year Rate Standard (second-year) rate
Zero £0 £0
1 to 50 £10 £155
51 to 75 £25 £155
76 to 90 £115 £155
91 to 100 £140 £155
101 to 110 £160 £155
111 to 130 £180 £155
131 to 150 £220 £155
151 to 170 £555 £155
171 to 190 £895 £155
191 to 225 £1,345 £155
226 to 255 £1,910 £155
Over 255 £2,245 £155

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