Second National Lockdown? What This Means

Second National Lockdown? What This Means

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What a year it has been so far. I think coming out the back end of 2019, into 2020, nobody could have predicted the events that would rock the world throughout the year. From the wildfires in Australia, the death of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, to the Coronavirus World Pandemic just to name a few.

On the 24th March, when our PM Boris Johnson put the country into lockdown, it left the population and businesses, asking many questions. How long will this last? How will my business survive? Will there be a vaccine? Many of which, we are still asking!

When lockdown rules were eased back in July and pubs, restaurants, café’s, bars, and retail shops could open their doors again, many felt their life could return to some sort of normality.

Here at Applied Leasing, we continued to work remotely throughout the first lockdown, albeit at a reduced staffing level and thanks to the hard work of our Managing Director, Lucy Joyce, managed to work safely, remotely while still maintaining the very high standard of customer service our business was built on. With all the dealers closing their doors which reduced contact levels and no deliveries able to take place, it certainly was not a walk in the park.

As we sit here, typing this blog, the country is again facing a national lockdown starting the 5th November which will run until the 2nd December. As COVID-19 cases rise again, to levels which are almost uncontrollable, our PM has had to take the difficult decision to lock the country down again for a 4-week period.

Due to COVID-19, many businesses who never thought working from home would be a possibility, are now fully set up to ensure they can continue to work in a compliant environment and here at Applied Leasing, we’re no different.

The business has invested in new phones and new hardware to ensure we can continue to offer our fantastic services from the safety of our homes. This is something, we will be practising throughout the next 4 weeks while in lockdown.

Many of our suppliers have advised they will remain open throughout this lockdown period, which will mean response times are as they are now, and that deliveries can still go ahead. This is great news for not only our industry, but for the businesses and individuals out there, who still require Cars and Commercials to allow them to work effectively and efficiently.

Our phone lines will be open as of normal, Monday-Friday, 8.30am-18:00 with both dedicated staff in both our New Vehicle Sales, Existing Customer Sales as well as Admin/Sales Support. Please do not hesitate to contact us on our Freephone number 0800 525 209 during business working hours and one of our staff members will be happy to assist.

We know these times can cause financial hardship for people. Therefore, we would like to reiterate that ALL our deals can be quoted on a No Initial Rental basis. This eliminates the need to put large amounts of your hard-earned money up front and will therefore still allow you to take advantage of our amazing deals that are available.

These can be seen by clicking onto your desired vehicle and using the custom configurator to build your required contract. By selecting 1 initial rental, it will mean you will pay equal rentals over your desired term of either 24, 36 or 48 months.

On top of being able to quote all our deals with no initial rental, all our written quotations will also give you the option of including the most cost-effective maintenance package for your contract. Despite all the vehicles we supply being new, vehicles still need to be maintained throughout the period of the agreement, in line with the manufacture’s guidelines. Including a maintenance package within your contract will provide you with hassle free motoring for the duration of your contract and will include the following.

  • Routine Servicing with a local garage/dealer
  • Replacement of General Maintenance Items Due to Fair Wear and Tear (Brake Pads, Brake Discs, Bulbs and Wiper Blades etc)
  • Cost of a MOT should one become applicable within the contract
  • Replacement of Premium Branded Tyre Replacements

Please ask your salesperson for a full breakdown of maintenance items included within the maintenance package as they can vary slightly from funder to funder.

We can’t thank you all enough for your continued business and support throughout what has been, one of the hardest years in decades and we want to provide you with the reassurance that Applied Leasing will continue to offer you fantastic deals and customer service, no matter what is thrown at us.

We look forward to hearing from you in years to come.