New National Lockdown – What Does This Mean?

New National Lockdown – What Does This Mean?

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What a start to 2021 it has been already.

Coming out the back end of 2020 with confirmation of a Brexit Trade Deal in place, it offered the country and the motor industry encouragement for the years ahead. Leaving the EU with no trade deal in place, could have been catastrophic for the motor industry and although we still don’t know the impact the deal will have on the production of vehicles, we at least know there won’t be any import tariff increase.

Fast forward a couple of weeks from the announcement and the UK now see themselves in another national lockdown. Following Boris Johnson’s announcement on the 04/01/2020, the UK will now see strict lockdown rules that are in place until the middle of February, at the earliest.

What impact will this have on the industry this time around? At the time of writing this, we are currently seeking clarification from our suppliers, to see what the dealer’s stance will be on delivering and collecting vehicles.

When the UK first went into lockdown in March 2020, all dealerships closed their doors and deliveries were restricted to key workers only. We expect the dealers to remain remote, having facilitated their staff during 2020. It is likely that come the 06/01/2021, when the restrictions and laws are cemented, more detailed restrictions will be announced. Once we have a better understanding, we will endeavour to communicate this to our customers as quickly as possible.

Please visit our blog for prior communications with regards to Lessor contact details. Lessor’s will be once again under pressure to discuss live hire agreements and assist customers as best possible.

Recap of the first national lockdown restrictions –

  • Deliveries prohibited (except keyworkers)
  • Collections prohibited
  • MOT and Service centres closed (except emergency keyworker requirements)
  • MOT Expiration dates extended
  • Car showrooms and dealership centres closed

Applied Leasing will be running with a reduced number of staff members throughout this period. Like the first lockdown, we will have a member looking after the administration side, as well as a vastly reduced sales team. We will, however, ensure the very best service is provided to our customers. All we ask, is you bear with us throughout this difficult period.

We ask that all customers refrain from contacting Applied Leasing Ltd requesting further details on their vehicle status. We are monitoring the market and restrictions very closely. Once we have further details and can resume/confirm; deliveries, collections, lead times we will be in touch.

Once again, we appreciate your patients and will be in contact with further details this week.

Stay home, Stay Safe