Happy 30th Birthday Applied Leasing!

Happy 30th Birthday Applied Leasing!

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Happy 30th Birthday Applied Leasing!

This month we celebrate the 30th birthday of Applied Leasing. The Big 30! Not many other vehicle leasing brokers can hold their hand up and say they have achieved this feat.  As the wise man Ronan Keating once said ‘Life is a rollercoaster, you just got to ride it’. During our 30 years of trading, we haven’t half seen some highs and lows within our industry and the economy. Firstly, thank you for being here and being part of our journey. Today we will briefly look back over the past 30 years in reflection, to see just how far we have come and how much we have grown.

Way back in 1990 we were incorporated

Cast your mind back. 1990. The year that the World Wide Web was formally proposed from Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the first web page was written.  Workers from the UK and France meet 40 meters beneath the English Channel seabed connecting the UK and mainland Europe via land for the first time since the last ice age. Pretty Woman, The Godfather Part 3 and Die Hard 2 all hit the theatres and Kylie Minogue was gracing the airwaves. 1990 was quite the momentous year. It was also the year Applied Leasing was founded. We’ve not only survived the past 3 decades, we’ve flourished. Former Director Peter Joyce founded the company on February 22nd 1990, just months later Peter’s youngest daughter and now current managing director, Lucy Joyce, was born. A very busy year for Peter indeed! Since our conception in 1990 we’ve only gone from strength to strength.

Car Sponsor
We sponsored Roger Lavender during the 2014 Kumho BMW Championship

Awards Galore

One of our cornerstone beliefs here at Applied is that we aim to supply the best quality vehicles at the most affordable rates around. A secondary and welcomed result of this, is that we have been awarded many accolades during our time. Here is a timeline of some of the awards we have won over the years:

  • 2003 – Accepted as a member of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses)
  • 2004 – Top Performing New Account (LEX)
  • 2005 – Top Partner plus for Volume (LEX)
  • 2010 – Contract Hire and Leasing Best Compact Exec Deal
  • 2010 – Contract Hire and Leasing Best 4×4 Deal
  • 2011,2013,2014 – Certification of Excellence (Network)
  • 2015 Contract Hire and Leasing Green Car of the Year ( Mercedes-Benz C350e)
  • 2016/17 Contract Hire and Leasing Small Family Car Of the Year ( Audi A3)
  • 2015,2016,2018,2019 Platinum franchisee award (Leaseplan/Network)
  • Additionally we have been an accredited member of the BVRLA and Leasing Broker Federation
Industry Awards
Some of the awards we have amassed over the years

Change, change, change

I don’t know if we have already mentioned, but, 30 years is long time to spend within this industry. Many brokers have come and gone, during our tenure. Lasting this long isn’t for everyone. Due to the nature of this business, adaptability is a key aspect to success. If we weren’t willing to adapt to the changes that were required from us, then we would have closed shop years ago. We’ve faced our fair share of challenges ranging from the 2007 Great Recession to more recently the ongoing Brexit issue.  But, our story isn’t a story of survivability more rather a poem of success. Looking forward, the future for Applied Leasing is looking stronger than ever.

News Paper Extract from 2005
Newspaper extract from 2005 when we first became a Network Franchise


We notice our journey wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal customers and their continued support. We are proud to state we have retained customers from many moons ago. Our driving ambition is to provide our customers with the upmost respect and integrity. Customer service is priority to any business success. Having traded 30 years this year, we feel strongly that we have delivered a high level of customer service. We pledge to continue our level of service to you, for another 30 years and hope that you will all strap in and drive in to the future with Applied Leasing Ltd.

To close, yes today’s blog may come across as slightly braggadocious, but, we are proud of our heritage and the achievements we have accomplished.  As a celebration of our 30th birthday we are planning on running a competition for our customers. We can’t give away too much detail at this moment, all we can advise, is that you keep your eyes peeled. More information and exciting literature will follow.

To infinity and beyond!

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